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SKOOKUM is very nervous about this Henry Gale / Ben Linus situation on Lost!

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Inktober, this time it’s the Yogscast round of sketches.
Also just is case it’s hard to see, Rythian is holding an endermite.

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I wanted to bring something small to MCM Expo to hand out to people, so I drew my favourite Yog Minecraft series in one picture.

If you see me at MCM, ask me for a postcard! As long as I have any left, I am giving them away.

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Halloween is a treasured holiday for the witches at the Evicted farm. 

alternative version: 

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Ask Mr Owl & Hannah!

What has been scariest so far Outlast, Alien Isolation or The Evil Within?


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Ask Mr Owl & Hannah!

Hey, when exactly do you delete raw recording files? After you have edited the video or after you uploaded them to Youtube? :) Just want to know because the last week or so I have been making a lot of videos but I accidentally deleted a 67 GB file... So yeah that was not smart x3

When it’s uploaded and public, and I can be sure that I don’t need to re-render anything.

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Ask Mr Owl & Hannah!

Hi so I know it's a bit early but when do we start sending in for advent? 😊

I’d say mid November is safe for UK residents, early November for international.


  • Make sure it’s clearly marked ‘Hannah’s Advent’ alongside the normal PO Box address, if you want it opened with a specific guest (no promises), write that on the outside.
  • Try to avoid sending it via parcel couriers, as some aren’t accepted at the PO Box end - normal postage from your country should end up coming via Royal Mail (the PO Box owners).
  • Don’t send items which can go stale/rotten, or are fragile.
  • Make sure any food is factory sealed, has the expiry date on it, and has allergies and ingredients listed on it. This means no homemade food.
  • If you want a letter back, pop in a return address!

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" AAAAND GRIFFINDOR SCORES AGAIN!! Man, is it that Hufflepuff ‘s Keeper sucks at his job or is it because his gf is the one scoring all these points?? WE WILL NEVER KNOW!”
"Sips.. do you know where Sjin is? It’s quite some time i don’t see him around…."
"He’s at St Mungo"
"Ah, wait what?”
"During the last match the dumbo implied that Lewis was letting Hannah win and he broke his skull with the quaffle…"

Wait, I’m in Gryffindor? Sweeeeeeeeeet.

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Ask Mr Owl & Hannah!

Just wondering, what days will you be uploading Shadow of Mordor?

Alternating days, with exceptions here and there for Hallowe’en. I need to finish it so I know how much footage I have to work with, then I can start upping the video length a little.

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