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Ask Mr Owl & Hannah!

Since you said Five Nights at Freddies was not as scary as everyone was making it out to be, how not-scary would you say it is from a 1-10? Because I have crippling anxiety, and scary things can make me lose LOADS of sleep regardless of them being real or in a video game. I just want to know if it's safe for me to watch the Fright Night video of it. Everyone was telling me "NO DUDE, DON'T WATCH IT!!!!1!!!11"

No, just no. Don’t watch any scary video games. Fear is subjective - whilst Kim and I were vastly unimpressed by it, the jump scares will probably be too much to handle.

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as soon as i saw hannah + nilesy go see the wheat biome thing i knew i had to draw it!

glad people voted for this one the most! :>

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Yogscast Hannah aka Lomadia <3

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Kim’s betrayal (x)

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Liz Climo on Tumblr.

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[i52] the yogscast→ photography source

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Ask Mr Owl & Hannah!

will you be doing playthroughs of AC: unity and/or AC: rogue?

Yes and yes. Expect co-op missions in Unity.

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Ask Mr Owl & Hannah!

Hey Hannah. Do you plan on playing Five Nights at Freddie's? I've heard it's meant to be quite scary and I enjoy you and Kim playing horror games together. Loved your playthrough of The Walking Dead: Season 2 by the way. I'm about to start chapter 4, so I'll have to see if I end up making different choices. Thanks for all the good work you do :) xx

Yup, it’s coming out on Kim’s channel at some point shortly.

Spoilers: it’s not the game everyone is hyping it up to be. PT and Outlast hit it way out of the park.

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