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If Disney Princesses Were Actually Sloths by Jen Lewis

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Ask Mr Owl & Hannah!

You said you used Fraps and Bandicam, how do you decide which to use for different situations? I've also been looking at Camverce. So many choices...

FRAPs tends to use a lot of computer resources, so some games can get upset with it. That’s when Bandicam comes in. Or if I don’t have much HD space for footage, and need smaller file sizes.

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Ask Mr Owl & Hannah!

How many videos do you typically record per day? Do you ever have to go do a recording with Kim then rush into your office and do something with, say, Nilsey? Or is there a lot of time between recording sessions?

I tend to do them in bulk - so at least an hour recording per thing. I usually try and only do one session per day or force an hour break before I do any more, but there have been instances of two hours of Watch Dogs, followed by almost two hours of Garry’s Mod or similar.

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Ask Mr Owl & Hannah!

What age group do you think insomnia is suitable for?



Whatever age group they say on the FAQ/tickets?

If you bring children to insomnia please keep them under control. Like seriously some parents just let them do whatever they want. Dont.

This applies to any convention.

It’s not safe to let them run rampant amongst a truckload of strangers - avoiding the obvious worst case scenario (which is a horrible thing to think about), they could get hurt from messing around with props or just from the tightly packed crowd environment.

Alongside that, bear in mind the toll that the long hours and the loud, busy environment has on staff members - who are usually unpaid volunteers. They aren’t there to supervise your children, it’s not their responsibility or job - and usually they’re tired and fed up by the end of the day without extra stress.

This comes from someone that has had a few years involvement in Girl Guiding, and as an events administrator, so I’ve had a number of experiences of unruly kids, but also the flip side of dream children. It makes your job a lot more fun, which means you have more fun and provide better customer service. So just make their lives a little easier and keep your kids close to hand.

(Totally aware that not every parent does this, and not every child is a menace to society and convention props, majority we’ve met over the years have been wonderful - but it’s worth saying)

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Ask Mr Owl & Hannah!

In the minecraft episodes, how much is planned out ahead and how much is off the cuff?

Depends on the episode, the devil summoning could have had more research, but I was prepping for E3 and so forth. Most of them I’ll try to at least have a rough plan going into them.

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Ask Mr Owl & Hannah!

What age group do you think insomnia is suitable for?

Whatever age group they say on the FAQ/tickets?

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